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    hi there,

    i'm using a O2 pre- meta-doctored to webos 2.1 in Switzerland. i've set the language to English (us) because the German translations (for the apps and stuff) are kind of lame :-P
    the only problem is, if you change the language the layout of the special characters table changes also. unfortunately i use these very often.

    ive found the layouts in the /usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/submissions/367/resources/ folder

    to change this layout back to the german one i backed up all the files in en_us and then copied the files from the de_de folder.

    but even after multiple reboots and language changes the layout doesn't change. Any advice what else i could try?

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    problem soved:

    the /usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/ folder seams to be some leftovers from pre 2.1 releases

    found the same files in /usr/palm/frameworks/mojo2/ changed these and everything worked perfect...

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