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    OK, I've posted this problem in the general pre and pre2 forums (I saw a pre2 user with a similar problem...) but now I'm posting it here both to get some techier eyes on the issue and maybe fix/figure out whatever started it...

    here are links to the other threads regarding this:

    and heres some pasted text that gerts the jist of the problem across....
    bump! I have a similar issue, sudo killed my sound.

    xxx@palm-webos-device:/ pusleaudio
    blah blah blah...
    E: core-util.c: Failed to create secure directory: permission denied

    I can't get sounds through aplay or luna.

    also seems to have killed my PDK games. Seems some permissions have been seriously messed with somewhere, I tried the emergency ftsab fxer just for the hell of it... No love.

    would love to solve this without a visit to the Doctor if I can.
    any suggestions?

    oops, found this thread with search, just noticed it's in the pre2 forum, I have a Verizon Pre+ running 1.4.5...

    having a similar problem, also sems to be related to sudo.

    I have complete failure of pulseaudio, it will not start, paplay, even with device specified fails with:

    E: socket-client.c: socket(): address family not supported by protocol.

    invoking pulseaudio gets a failure of:

    yada yada...
    E: core-util.c: Failed to create secure directory: permission denied

    invoking aplay with device 0 subdevice 0 as somline mentions above plays the sound but the pre becomes unresponsive and eventually reboots.

    using ipkg-opt to remove sudo had no effect. I'm still tying to fix this without a trip to the Doctor, but it seems permissions and/or user levels may have been FUBARed here.

    an one have any ideas?

    edit: also of note, none of my PDK aps will launch, but built in and SDK aps run fine, albeit with no audio what so ever. Also perhaps of note, I have no vibrate on ring, alerts, or alarms... Though some aps that use vibrate seem to work fine... Phone works fine: speaker, headset and earpiece all behave normally.

    any help appreciated!
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    so, I did some deep reseach and found a reference to a problem with a recent optware update:

    The nslu2-team included a wrong /opt/etc/sudoers file.
    It has a reference to /etc/sudoers.d instead of /opt/etc/init.d/sudoers.d

    original thread fom dd-wrt forum:
    DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - Optware, the right way

    lets see if I can solve my problem based on this info...

    getting close to a session with the Doctor, but not giving up quite yet

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