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    First off, thanks for all you do for HP and the community.

    Second, now that the NDA "veil" has been lifted from 2.1, what details can you provide that have been withheld up to this point?

    Specifically api's and other useful\essential goodies that are coded in there? Confirmation on all of our speculations and such

    -Mic really in there?
    -Camera api?
    -Voice dialing?
    -V Keyboard?

    Also, can more apps that have been restricted to the hb feed now make it to the big time ala Internals? For instance, can zcorder now become an official app? Govnah? Others?

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    Audio, Video and Image capture API's are there. Voice dial app is included. And, if you've been following the webos news then you know about as much as I do about the virtual keyboard.
    Just FYI, there are already two WebOS 2 audio recorder apps in the catalog.(actually I think one of them was pulled by the author) - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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    Voices and Voice Memos are both in the 2.x catalog

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