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    Now that the 2.1 SDK NDA has been lifted, can anyone tell me if there are API's for modifying the launcher?

    If not, does this mean that modifying the launcher is impossible? very difficult?

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    I read a long time ago that the launcher was written in binary page 67 6th post from top:

    I think it falls into the very difficult/ impossible category. I could be mistaken, but that's the way I understood it the first time I read it.
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    maybe its possible to create an alternative version (like the one in 1.4.5, which is Webstuff only) and then write a patch to deactivate the standard one.
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    I'm fairly certain due to the new features within the app launcher (particularly page moving) that this is not possible. The fact that the launcher is written in C means that it is likely that it no longer uses the launch methods that the old launcher did.
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    As much as I liked the old ACAL.... I'm ok with the launcher the way it is. Maybe because it's new to me again, having been on 5X4 large icons for so long.
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    So help me understand this: The launcher in 2.1 is written in C. I know this means it is not patchable, but does that mean that it is also not able to be touched? Is the compiled C code in 2.1 part of Palms proprietary code, and therefore changing it requires non-legal work?

    I could see an app acting as a launcher. Though it would stand beside, not replace, the current app launcher. Am i right?
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    It is possible that the code is proprietary, but I'm not sure. You'd have to dig around in the filesystem, and check the Palm open-source page.

    An app as a launcher is an option, I think there maybe apps that do this already with additional features such as multi-launch. Not sure if there are any skinnable/customisable ones though.

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