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    I have an unlocked pre 2 for development reasons and i just installed the 2.1 doctor on the thing.

    I can't seem to get the developer bypass working (devicetools.jar) on 2.1. It worked fine on 2.01 and everything else.

    Anyone else figure out how to get this working?
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    Shouldn't it be as easy as entering some code. I think I have a weak recollection of reading something like that in a thread ...

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    You're exactly right. I was trying to bypass it as you would with a cdma version.

    #*DEVMODE# (GSM) in dialpad bypasses
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    Try taking the sim out. It worked for me. I had to type #* on the keyboard for it to display the dialpad then I could do the rest and hit call.
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    After webOS 2, the devicetool.jar is complete useless and unneeded for Palm upped up dev mode to also bypass palm profile. Dont forget that when you dial #*3386633* to hit the dial button afterwards for dial codes dont auto load after sequence is properly typed out. Turn it on and agreed to reboot is all.

    I just tried again on my 2.1 pre2 and works fine.
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    From Palms own pages;

    The activation-bypass tool is not needed for webOS 2.0 devices.

    1. Go to the phone app.
    2. On a GSM phone, press "#*DEVMODE#", followed by the call button. On a CDMA phone, press "##DEVMODE#". (If the device is GSM, and there is no SIM card, a screen may be displayed instructing you to install one. Just begin typing the "#*" and the phone app will appear.)
    3. The Developer Mode scene will be displayed.
    4. Select "On". You will be prompted to re-boot the device.

    {I never liked playing with cards until webOS made it useful}

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