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    Pre broke and I can't use the touchscreen. I am in dire need to get my data off the phone for Milage Monitor. Any ideas??? I have tried Novaterm on a 64bit Win7 and novaterm isn't working. I did NOT use Save/Restore and I haven't Exported any data. How do you get into "cryptofs" folder and once inside where do you go to get the database? I have tried contacting Foxtailsoftware but no luck. Any help would be great.
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    Overall, it's a very complex procedure that I'm not sure is worth it. Is retrieving the old fillups really that important? How much time are you willing to invest in getting this information? How technical are you at the command line?

    The basic overview is this:
    You could use novacom from a command line once you've downloaded the SDK or installed the driver, but the reality is that getting to the application's /internal/cryptofs directory won't do you much good since it's stored in a database in a different location. Once you found the database, you'd need SQLite to try to pull the information off. (I believe you could find the specific database in /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabaseAccount.db -- Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, since this is essentially off the top of my head.)

    The real lesson learned is that Save/Restore and the e-mail export functionality is very important after each fillup. (I know that's not useful after the fact, but it's almost always harder to recover information if it hasn't been backed up beforehand.)
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