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    So I've began making my first attempt at an app in Ares and I'm at the point were I want to add my own icon for the application - which would be viewable in the launcher etc on my device. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this part? This is my first time ever making an app and I don't have any knowledge of this kind of thing at all.

    I thought I had figured it out when I searched through the files of my app and found, "icon.png." I am, however, having troubles removing it and adding my own. This could easily be the wrong method as I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing ha.

    Thanks very much for your help in advance.
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    Yep, you just replace the icon.png file with your own. Do you know how to do that? In the file browser, you just select your main app folder and there is an area in the lower left that you must drag your file into. I don't remember if you have to delete the original file first, but that is how you do it, as I recall. You know your icon file needs to be a certain size, right?
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    I got it working mate. Thanks very much for the help though! I for some reason I was unable to upload my own icon.png but after restarting my browser it eventually went up and is now working just fine. Yeah I used 64x64 image size I think.

    Thanks for the fast response. Gotta love this community
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    Some browser cache stuff was interfering with Ares and uploading apparently.
    I would suggest also making 64 (x64) pixel and 48 pixel and 32 pixel versions. This way you will have icons for various things such as menus, App Launcher, and App Catalog submission stuff. Also, at least three 320x480 screenshots of your app for the App Catalog.

    I renamed my icons icon48x48 and icon32x32 for the specific use ones. The 64 pixel icon I just left as icon.png .

    It is pretty cool getting an App up to the catalog - I just got my first one up yesterday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BBooDoc View Post

    It is pretty cool getting an App up to the catalog - I just got my first one up yesterday.
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    I'd also recommend creating a 128x128 icon. This can be used on the "glowing" window that shows right as someone opens your app. You can edit the appsinfo file for this, and it is covered in the documentation. I've learned the hard way to make all my icons at a very high resolution (I do 512x512) and then resize it to various smaller sizes after.

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