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    i know govnah uses exhibition mode, i was just wondering if there are any other homebrew apps that use exhibition mode as the official exhibition add-ons are all sports news -.-
    there are so many cool possibilities :3

    another minor question is why are there no hp messaging synergy services yet? i dont really use google talk or aim, and want to see something like skype chat, the facebook chat that was promised or msn (as dead and useless as it is)
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    What homebrew apps use Exhibition?
    I only know of Govnah

    Why are there no messaging Synergy services?
    Perhaps nobody has finished making their own Synergy service yet (since as we all know, the webOS 2.0 SDK is still under NDA, as has been said by Palm, et al dozens of times). Regarding the Facebook chat, maybe they have issues with stability, or perhaps they're just not ready to release it for other unknown reasons.
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    The thing that I found odd was that the Exhibition Mode Time application is not the nice landscape clock that is shown in the promo pictures. And in fact if you enable an application that has the capability to re-orientate to landscape for Exhibition Mode, it can't change to landscape. eg your clock Arthur. Or maybe because that's fixed it would be okay.

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