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    I'm a long time linux user and Free software (I mean Free like GPL) supporter. And I'm a N900 happy owner. Though, the successor of the N900 won't happen at nokia as it was plan, and I'm looking at alternatives. And the pre3 got my attention.

    But I'm wondering, as a developper, can I release my code as GPL? is it possible with palm app store terms? (I know it's impossible on Apple's one)

    And generally, how linux and free software friendly is webos?
    I know the kernel and some libs are free software, but how close from a standard linux is it?

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    Yes - you can release GPL software - even in the official app catalog.

    Furthermore Palm didn't lock down the system and they don't try to keep you from hacking it. Fresh devices have restrictions on installing software - but that can be changed by entering a well known code to enable "dev mode"(There are now two ways to enter developer mode in webOS | Palm WebOS). So this "restriction" is just a little hurdle so normal users are protected from random package installs. Not a "jail" you have to "break".

    There's a dedicated group of devs ( who embraced webos from the beginning and they have patched webos, made custom kernels and produced a ton of great software. There's a whole alternative open app manager called "Preware".

    Plenty of the GNU userland is available. Have a look at what is available via Preware. You can run a SSH daemon if you want for example.
    My Pre (and those of many others) has been running on an alternative overclocked (1 GHz vs the original 5 MHz) kernel with memory optimization for months now (easily installable via Preware).

    Large parts of webos are free software (Linux Kernel, fs, webkit browser , various javascript libs, etc...) - but the parts that make it particularly webos (UI and core APIs) are proprietary.

    So - AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK - $apart$ $from$ $changing$ $and$ $redistributing$ $the$ $webos$ $APIs$ $you$ $can$ $do$ $pretty$ $much$ $what$ $you$ $want$ $with$ $your$ $webos$ $device$. $People$ $have$ $ported$ $various$ $environments$ ($e$.$g$. $NES$, $Atari$) $and$ $even$ $Open$ $Office$ ($though$ $not$ $very$ $useful$ $without$ $interface$ $changes$ $for$ $touch$ $of$ $course$).
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    That's a great answer, and good news for me.

    Count me in when the Pre3 will be out (in France)!

    Thanks a lot.
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    All the apps and many parts of the system ui are open source too. It doesn't mean that they are under GPL, but they are not compiled (because of HTML/JavaScript/CSS) and you can edit them (->patches).
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    Sounds really great. Why isn't that more promoted in the free software community?

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