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    I am always hearing from people who use WebOS that they just love the interface and the product itself, but "there arent any apps" out there for them to download. What apps would you like to see on the WebOS platform? Don't suggest "port existing iPad app X", since I can't legally develop that , but do feel free to suggest generic utilities and concept games or something. (i.e. "OMG make Starcraft or Plants v Zombies" versus "I've always wanted to see a simple turn based strategy game or a straightforward tower defense game")

    So what do you think?
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    I would like to see an app that provides general MIDI functionality and connects to a digital piano through the USB cable.

    I'm envisioning two-way communication:

    1. The phone can provide MIDI data to the piano keyboard. For instance, find a MIDI file you like, have the phone send it to the keyboard through the keyboard's MIDI channel so the keyboard can play it.

    2. The phone can receive MIDI data from the keyboard and transcribe what's being played, not only in MIDI format, but it would be great to have a sheet music view also.

    And I'm envisioning the ability to edit and create MIDI files on the phone. This would be so incredibly cool for musicians.

    Here's a recent thread I posted in about my idea:

    This, of course, would be great on the TouchPad, but I think it would be awesome on the phone, too.
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    I would like to see ring when in silent mode app with simple whitelist of numbers imported from contacts or entered manually. Would be nice to allow sms notifications for numbers in whitelist too.
    Second app will be some sort of utilization for lockscreen (like lockscreen info for iphone) but with specific webos notifications style. would be nice to see calendar events, missed calls. received messages and emails from lockscreen. I know you can see it already, but you cant interact in any way.
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    I would love to see a chromatic tuner app. There just isn't one yet. I think the problem was mic access, but an old PalmOS app worked fine in Classic. Maybe in 2.0 mic access is enabled?
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    RDP, LogMeIN, VNC Remote app. This is something Android and iOS have in spades but WebOS has no working version.

    I would pay good money for that. And I'm sure by the popularity of people wanting remote access to their PC's and servers based on all the services and software in this industry, I'm not alone.
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    there's some cool game idea's on the Experimental gameplay project.

    Experimental Gameplay Project
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    it would be sweet if you could make an app that uses the camera but has options like filters and effects. im new to this but it would be even greater if your could create a zoom function. a feature that would be sick would be an x-ray filter!!! well thats my idea.
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    I'm still missing my "Hours" (Hours for Palm OS - Screenshots) to track my worked hours. I have checked all paid and free apps and no one works perfectly for my as the old Hours in my Palm OS... :-(
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    and now remembered that I'm missing the Schedule SMS too (!

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