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    I recently upgraded my Sprint Pre- to 2.1 using the meta doctor. It was showing 1.4.5 as my current version even after the upgrade and I was able to access the app catalog. I then (per the wiki page) copied the unmasq file into /etc/palm-build-info and now the software version on the phone shows 2.1. Also, Preware is showing all the 2.1 patches. However, the App Catalog is not showing any 2.X apps (namely, Music Player Remix) and my Palm Profile still shows 1.4.5. Is App Catalog access based on your saved profile or is it based on the current OS on the phone? I'm assuming that I can't update my Palm Profile version as it would confuse the server as Sprint doesn't support 2.1.
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    I don't think you can download 2.X applications anyway I think people have tried it. I just left it at 1.4.5 because I don't care about the patches.

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