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    I'm using Cygwin and I THINK (nobody has really explained this to me) I have to use the command line to fetch the 1.4.5 doctor AND the 2.0.1 doctor to store in the downloads. I do this, but the links are broken so I can't! What do I do? I really just want to get 2.1.0 installed.

    Like I will do wget url
    for both of them but the links are broken.

    Another problem, I try to make my device pre plus verizon wireless but I get this error:
    make: *** No rule to make target 'all-verizonwireless'. Stop.
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    yes, i am having the same exact error while trying to type "make DEVICE=preplus all-verizonwireless" same exact error, and its really frustrating me. cause im a die hard webos fan, and would love to try out the new firmware, so anyone please help guide us threw this installation. and also i will point out that i am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit with cygwin. with verizon wireless palm pre plus running 1.4.5

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