So maybe thats not the question - but rather, to webOS or not to webOS. After much consideration I have personally decided the apps I am designing will not be webOS - not directly at least.

It makes so much more sense to develop pure web apps using html5, CSS & JavaScript. With webOS being in transition and the availability of tools like PhoneGap and appMobi it makes much more sense to develop with a cross-platform approach.

Of course, I am still hopelessly devoted to webOS and its wonderfully superior UI so the key for me is to first build a library of webOS' widgets so that my apps will maintain the strikingly handsome Palm (oops, I mean HP) flair on whatever device it ends up on. After the app is deveopled it will be a cake walk to put the native webOS widgets back in for the HP/Palm catalog and you will also have an app that is ready to be instantly ported to the other platforms.

Maybe we as a community (if any of you are thinking in the same direction) can publish a public widget library for like-minded developers. I don't think think this would present any legal issues plus HP/Palm would probably love the webOS look showing up in the iPhone & Andriod app catalogs.

So fire away - what do you think?