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    Forgive me if this is a silly question, I'm just getting into phone tinkering (I do have a background in embedded systems, just haven't played with them since college)

    I've got a Rogers Pre2, which I have unlocked and is running on Fido

    Rogers & Fido are essentially the same network, with diff home network IDs from what I've read/know

    The consequence of this is that the phone is always in 'roaming' mode

    So I dug through the carrierdb.json in webOS2.0.1 and it does have the right MMS APN for fido in there, the dataconnection value appears to be hashed/encrypted, so I'm not sure what the APN data for internet is (or if that key is actually relevant to the internet APN)

    After that I scoured the precentral boards, and webOS Internals, and the only thing that sounds promising is potentially doing a meta-doctor build using tokens built for Fido... (similar to a frankenpre, without having to swap the com board)

    but since Fido doesn't actually offer the pre, or any palm device, I'm guessing it would be hard to find out what tokens will actually work.

    So the question is: could a custom fido-meta doctor actually achieve what I'm aiming for? (changing the home network id and getting rid of perma-roaming) and if so, is there any way to reverse engineer a set of tokens that would work?
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    so I did some more digging and thinking, and found that the mcc and mnc values for rogers are 302, 720.

    which is what both rogers and fido connect to, but the entry for fido still has the mcc and mnc set to 302,370 which is the old network id for fido

    which got me thinking, if I removed the rogers entry entirely, changed the mnc value to 720 for the fido entry, would that get rid of the constant roaming? or does the entry in carrierdb only apply to MMS?

    I think I'm more on the right track, but I'm not sure that changing the carrierdb alone would be enough to trick the phone into knowing that it's not actually roaming.
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    Did you make any progress on this? I'm on an unlocked developer Pre 2 on Fido that's always roaming on Rogers. It works fine and there aren't any extra charges, but it's a pain to see it always roaming.

    Seems strange that it would do this in the first place considering it's a factory unlocked phone with a Fido sim in it.
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    Malchia is a friend of mine and I think that he ran into some major road blocks on this and finally gave up. Basically it looks like Palm will have to add an exception for Fido SIMs on the Rogers network which isn't likely to happen unless a webOS device is released on Fido.
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    I tried a few different things with the carrierdb and the only thing I succeeded in doing was in preventing my data connection from working at all.

    I might give it another try once I the Pre3 comes out and this phone gets retired.. I think the relevant code is the firmware for the actual radio itself, and accessing that is a bit beyond me right now.

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