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    Now that 2.1 seems to be reaching a pretty stable state for Pre+/- users it would be nice to have the ability to overclock. I have read that once the source is posted by HP it should take only a few days to get an OC kernel working.

    My question is: is there any way to encourage or force HP to post the source for the 2.1 version that is in the wild?
    Is the code written under a particular license which requires it be made publicly available in a certain amount of time?

    There is a "contact" link at the Palm Opensource page, perhaps folks should email with a kind request for this (i'm asking if, not saying that, people should do this).
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    I suspect that they issue is as much the carriers as it is HP, because the carriers are still going to take the support calls.
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    I think its time for "releasemypre" person to make an appearance from Underground Pre HQ!!!!!
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    They will release the Kernel source (and all of the other source they're required to release) in due time. I wouldn't be surprised to see it in a week, but I also wouldn't be surprised for them to not release it until they release webOS 2.1 for the Pre2 (and the source for it as well).
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