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    So I'm in the process of building a "Tumblr" application. It's a blogging type of social network thing yada yada... So I need to fetch the page at http://(YOU) Would it look something like this?

    Goes in sources.json for first scene

    var url = 'http://(YOU)'
    + encodeURIComponent(this.model.originalValue)

    This goes in the first scene

    var request = new Ajax.Request(url, {
    method: 'get',
    evalJSON: 'force',
    onSuccess: this.gotResults.bind(this),
    onFailure: this.failure.bind(this)
    this.mybutton = this.controller.get('go_button')

    Then this is to display the data in the first scene's html

    $('posts_div').innerHTML = intro;

    Or am I a complete mess?
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    That looks about right. Is it not doing anything for you?

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    Haven't even put it in there, yet. If I do run into problems, however, I will PM or post in the thread again. Thanks for answering.

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