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    Are any developers here taking advantage of the free Pre 2 program? I sent in an email yesterday, but today I get an email from Peter Helm of Developer Relations telling me about the coupon program instead of the free device program. I just wanted to know if anyone has experience something similar.
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    Can you give a little more detail on the "free Pre 2 program" for develoeprs? I've only heard about the reduced price coupon for developers. The only time I've heard about free Pre 2's being given to developers was for those that had attended some of the HP sponsored developer meet-ups.
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    They did say that the free ones were for 'qualified' developers, so maybe the coupon was their 'nice' knock-back.
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    He's referring to this:

    I just got a coupon code and asked about this. I was told it was being forwarded to determine if I qualify. I'm not sure what qualifies for the free one. I've read online that you need a published app in the catalog, but that's really just wild speculation.
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    Yes, I was talking about the one that was on the PreCentral front page yesterday.

    Actually, I just got another email from Peter Helm, this time telling me about the free device program. I'll share more information as it comes in.

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