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    I've been trying to gauge interest in an app similar to the Iphone/IPAD XFINITY TV but for webOS. Both iOS and Android have both applications while the Ipad itself can play everything on XFINITY.TV just like on your computer.
    With the touchpad, Pre 3 and Veer coming out within the months, i say we push to get included in this.

    It's a great application and more features are planned to come. If your unfamilar with this check out
    for all the details.

    Im trying to see how much of a userbase who would love this application on their webOS enabled device.

    I am an employee of Comcast and i am trying to get the ball rolling on this internally. Anything I say here or do reflects my personal opinion and ideas and are not to be confused with official information and/or decisions of Comcast.
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    I would love it! I used the DirecTV app all the time before I switched to XFinity. Even if to start it's just the ability to remotely set recordings would be great.
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    Current Features (replaced ipad with touchpad )
    Watch your favorite On Demand shows on your touchpad anytime
    Search On Demand and TV Listings
    Change channels on your TV
    Schedule your DVR remotely
    With many more exciting features to come!
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    I have emailed them regarding every app that has come out for the iphone. I would love this. Please make it happen!!

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    Bump for interest. i know there has got to be more people interested in this.
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    Definitely good idea.
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    I agree this would be great. I would love the ability to set my dvr from my phone. Anything beyond that is just a bonus.
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    It would be neat.
    Apps: MyQ for Netflix (Phone/TouchPad), Giantbomb (Phone), Excavate (Reddit/Digg clients for TouchPad)
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    I haven't found a direct contact yet. I will have it brought up during the weekly call with national though. One thing i can say to do is blow up XFINITY's facebook, twitter asking about webOS.
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    Just tell them to be innovative for once. they are so big and yet so far behind. very frustrating. Fios and Direct TV are already on board. Come on Comcast.
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    +1, I'd love to have this app.
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    Same here, count me in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by graffix31 View Post
    Just tell them to be innovative for once. they are so big and yet so far behind. very frustrating. Fios and Direct TV are already on board. Come on Comcast.
    I'd say 105mbps for residential homes, Anyroom DVR are quite innovative
    I'm sure if you put pressure on them at the XFINITY pages on twitter and facebook, they can't ignore that.
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    Yup, I want this.
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    I would like this as well. Would be nice to use on the TouchPad!
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    I agree. This would be a great app for webOS.
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    That would be great, was looking around to see if there was an open API.
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    Just a heads up, im still looking on getting this going. I know we just released the XFINITY TV App for Android based OS's.

    So i dug around and see it's "planned"
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    Sounds cool, I hope this happens.
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    Fantastic Idea. I would use it for sure.
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