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    Yes! Yes! Yes!!! I'm having a geekgasm thinking about it.

    I've always wanted to be able to watch TV on my webOS device. It's one of the reasons I bought it (thought it would get flash). Since hulu has totally dropped the ball on this, I think it's a golden opportunity for Comcast. webOS may have a small user base right now, but in a year's time, I think it will make leaps and bounds into the double digits.

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    im still pulling for this. i have emailed them multiple times for this one.
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    I would love this app, but I don't have high hopes. Not only because most developers only care about iOS and Android, but because Comcast in general is slow to roll out new things. I've been waiting to see the Tivo DVR software roll out for Comcast for about five years now, and it's just starting to get tested in a few markets.
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    Shouldn't be a isssue to port over to webos considering the iOS apps are similar and easy to use I love being able to schedule my dvr,search my guide and change my channel using my itouch.
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    Come on everyone. i think we need to make this happen. more people out there must have comcast. i need this app. like someone said in the kik messenger app we should start putting some of these on the main page to really get some traction. look what we can do with all the cellphone brackets. clearly with enough exposure we can make a diff. lets get so new good apps on webos.
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    From what i hear, it is something that is on the road map for future versions. Haven't heard anything regarding availability so i assume it's definitely not anytime soon.
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    Damn Comcast. Always Disappoint. For such a huge company it amazes me how behind the curve they are with everything. if it wasnt for not wanting a dish on my house i would have direct tv. Fios looks better and better, at least they have an app for webos.
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    So i finally recieved word back from some people higher up who oversee the app development. As of right now there is not any development being done for the webOS platform. I did mention that both DirectTV (Our largest competitor) and Verizon's FIOS service both have applications that ATLEAST allow DVR scheduling and what not. The good news is that my contact is a Director who actually knows what is going on and what might happen. Hopefully mentioning our 2 largest competitors and having a direct way to get ahold of someone whom hold such a high position will get it started as she did sound pretty optimistic about its future on webos.

    I'll definitely keep this thread informed as soon as i hear more.
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    Thanks. Lets hope it works. Comcast needs to think beyond like HP says they are. So far I have not ever seen one feature that comcast pushed first. They always follow and still aren't caught up. Thanks again for the update.
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    This would definitely be a very popular app. +1 as to making it happen!
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    I think the problem is that we grew too fast too quickly. No one is as widespread as we are but where the competition is such as Verizon and there FIOS service... It's unmatchable. After using the xfinity tv app on my iPod touch.. It's awesome to be able to scroll through the tv guide, pick a show to read the description and choose to whether make your cable box tune to that channel or set the DVD to record.

    I am very persistent about getting it on WebOS as I plan on having both a pre 3 and touchpad this summer
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    I would love it! I have an old ipod touch that I use now but it would be great to just use my phone. One device for all!
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    I would also like this app.
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    I'm with the TouchPad out, there's an even 'bigger' reason!
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    Great Idea and good to see some one on the inside willing to push the idea of a WebOS app!
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    I would absolutely LOVE to be able to use Xfinity on my Touchpad…so please, PLEASE… PULEEEEZE! "Make it so!" Capt. Picard
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    Please!!!! App would be great but I'd be happy if I could at least use the touchpad browser to watch Xfinity TV.
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    Great Idea, I would use it.
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    I know most things would play in the xfinity tv website, until they seemed to switch over to silverlight for some channels. Unfornately, im no longer with the company. Last i heard was they didn't care about webOS. I installed the Xfinity TV app on cyanogenmod for the touchpad and they STILL cannot watch shows directly.. What a shame!
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