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    Did anyone else notice how they removed the information on PhoneGap from the Palm Developer website??? That seems a bit counter-productive to me since developing native webOS 1.4.5 apps is now absolutely pointless and there is zero customer base (or production ready SDK for that matter) to develop for webOS 2.0.

    The only real option if you don't want to jump platforms is to develop apps in HTML5, CSS & JavaScript so that you can port accross multiple platforms using utilities like PhoneGap. If anything, HP/Palm should be pushing multi-platform development methods even more! Am I missing something???
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    Actually, I just found the link to PhoneGap. Its still there under a smaller 'Cross-platform Tutorial Link.

    I still would like to know how you guys are going to move forward in developing apps because I'm just very torn. As it was, developing for the webOS platform has always been a labor of love for most of us, as opposed to any kind of sound business endeavor. But what to do over the next 6-12 months when any immediate development seems futile?
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    We will continue to develop apps with Mojo. Because those apps will run on current phones and future phones, at least until the end of the year and possibly longer. This includes NEW apps.

    HP does not tell when Enyo will be available on phones. If "later this year" means october for example, should we not write apps for the phones until then? That's crazy from a developer and customer standpoint.

    And new Mojo apps, that will be released now or soon, will still run on Pre 3.

    If we use Enyo in the next months, then it will be a tablet (aka "HD") app, either new or a port of an existing Mojo app. This could convert to an Enyo phone app "later this year" then.

    What remains to be solved is the app id question. But if it comes like on other platforms, then many apps will exist twice (phone and "HD"), at least for a while.

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