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    I think it would be good to get a snap shot of what devs are doing in regards to the future. Please help out.

    Devs only, please! Do not vote on this poll if you are not a dev
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    Truthfully, I'm not sure. I don't think anyone is really happy about the situation, but few have used Enyo, don't know if webOS will ever get a large user base, and frankly, why a programmer develops in the first place.

    If I were in it for the money, there would be no doubt I'd be gone. I do it because I enjoy it and have a webOS phone. If either of those were to change, I probably wouldn't develop for webOS.
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    In talking with the Palm Dev Rep last night I conveyed to him the frustrations people have had at a consumer level, like flash, OTA and the others. His response was, "Well that's not my department." Which I thought was interesting because it seems Palm has distinct departments between devs and consumers which makes perfect sense.

    But when you really think about it, WebOS does not have that many big development companies like iOS or Android have. The majority of WebOS devs are also their loyal customers. Can they really treat customers one way and devs another or is that just a little psychotic given they are the same person right now?
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    My actions since the announcement are to 1) replace the wife's phone with an Android (my upgrade isn't due for a few more weeks at which point it will go as well), 2) start to figure out how to sunset these applications and terminate server support. All future planned upgrades are now in the trashcan. All future updates (if any) will be in the furtherance of abandonment of the platform. Thank God I put a sunset policy in the license.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    I think it would be good to get a snap shot of what devs are doing in regards to the future. Please help out.
    Another thread that gives an excuse for the 'whiners" to "whine", yet again... (sigh) but, I'll bite. ;-)

    From what I have read, it sounds like many of the "big" / "mainstream", apps may be developed "in-house"... (at least they hinted at that)

    I wouldn't be surprised if apps like Shazzam, Audible, Barcode scanner apps, and the like, were developed by HP, and given away to attract new devs and users alike....

    It's not all "doom and gloom" ...most of that's coming from the kids, and those who recently bought a Pre, those of us with aging launch day Pre's realize it's time for new hardware. ;-)

    (Can't wait for June to pick up a Pre3 and TouchPad combo!)

    webOS will lose some of the "mom's basement" type developers, which is no great loss really.
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    With HP's scale, getting webOS onto phones, tablets, printers and PC's and they seem to know what it takes to attract users, the oppertunities are unlimited.
    Long Live Palm

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