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    More importantly.. Who wants one? Would it be more work to debug ?

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    Probably impractical in the long run from HPs point of view. I can't see this happening.
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    As the presentation noted, Mojo is a mess. (The example was the hassle of customizing a button, but it's nothing compared to lists and other controls.) Frankly, even if a tool existed, it wouldn't create very good code. I do think that it's smart to use a more efficient and simpler method of doing things.

    The problem, of course, is that since older devices won't get 2.0, we developers have to start from scratch with a new method and either try to still support Mojo, or more likely, end up abandoning Mojo (and older devices) completely. So, from that perspective, I don't think it would matter if such a tool existed.
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    Make it an easy to use and understand web based development tool (Ares 2.0)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    Make it an easy to use and understand web based development tool (Ares 2.0)!
    Since Enyo came about from the work of the Ares team, I would expect that current Ares developed apps would be the only ones that such a conversion tool would be practical for.
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    In fact a button in Ares to automagically transform Mojo code to Enyo would be fantabulous!
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    Can't all mojo apps be uploaded to ares? Are they than looked at as an ares app? If so a ares conversion tool would be even better..

    Again this is considering IF the code it spits out is more manageable than recoding

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