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    I would like to introduce a new app I made: Headlines

    I developed this, because I often find myself, having some time, waiting for the bus, train, whatever.
    And it's unbelievable, but there is no good News app for webOS yet, so I decided to start developing one.

    So gNews! was born, it's an app that provides you with time-sensitive news (from Google News) But only the headlines from Google aren't enough for me. So I decided to also add a keyword search on news, so that I can have all my favorite (e.g. "hp webOS") topics I want in the news always visible.
    I also wanted to save a story for later reading or share it with friends, so Instapaper and Read It Later integration was a no-brainer.
    Since I'm often on a slow network, I also integrated the feature to read the stories via Google Mobilizer or Instapaper Mobilizer (to be honest, Instapaper Mobilizer is much better than G's one!)
    So design was the only hard decision, but since I like the way Dave did the Metro UI (WP7) in Phnx, I give it a try, and I think this UI fits perfectly for such an app!

    So I provide a short demo, on Youtube:
    (Please apologize my english, I'm not a native speaker :-) )

    So what do you think about it? First impressions?
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    It looks great! When do you think it will be available in the catalog?
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    That is pretty cool. I'd definitely run it, provided it'll support webOS1.x versions, which I would assume is the case.
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    I like it looking forward to it's release
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    Quote Originally Posted by alwaysonline View Post
    That is pretty cool. I'd definitely run it, provided it'll support webOS1.x versions, which I would assume is the case.
    Of course, it will support 1.4.x and also 2.x.
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    Nice looking app! I will be watching for it inthe App Catalog.
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    great app... please post when it is released!! just one thing though, find or design a new app icon!!! seems like one of the best news app so far, congrats!!
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    Hah! Did you happen to use this tutorial when making the video? I must say it looks pretty snazzy -- oh, and that's my webpage

    Either way, great looking app. Love the Metro look. Also really great options and usability. I'm impressed!
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    Looks great! I look forward to seeing it in the app catalog.
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    I read about your tutorial, but I've used this "technique" before.
    I use Screen Flow for capturing my screen and this software provides such a circle that I can adjust. But anyway I can also highly recommend not using a mouse cursor here.
    If anyone searching a "cheap" solution (because Screen Flow costs some money) try pomokeys tutorial!

    Definitely! This is just the standard icon for webOS apps without own icons.
    I'm searching already for another one
  11. SashoDikov
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    release ze cracken erm i mean ze beta or ze .ipk for those of us who cannot wait palms approval, looks awesome
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    Quote Originally Posted by SashoDikov View Post
    release ze cracken erm i mean ze beta or ze .ipk for those of us who cannot wait palms approval, looks awesome
    Patience young Padawan! I have this in private beta already and still have some polishing tasks to do. But I have a official release on the roadmap in the next 2-3 weeks!
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    just release your app via the beta-feeds asap, you can "upgrade" the app into the app-catalog later...

    I NEED this app asap, mainly for the custom searches!

    One thing that would be cool: notifications on news! :-)
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    Looks good. Waiting to purchase.

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    Looks awesome!

    Will become one of my favourite apps!
    I'm also all for notifications on news(from custom searches)
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    Can you set it to download/save/cache the stories when on the touchstone or at night or at a certain time of day? Millions of us NY don't have access to the internet while we commute via subways, trains, buses through concrete canyons, etc., yet this is the time most of us read the papers.
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    Very nice, bit of WP7 Metro UI going on there, I like it!
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    Nice and yes the interface is pretty nice (kinda reminds me of WP7, but only what I've seen on video). Either way, I like it and let me know if you need help testing on 1.4.5 and 2.1 (Pre-). Sorli...
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    Great idea!

    I was missing some app like this!!

    Best Regards...
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    Just a life sign!
    If all wents fine a release is planned for end of this or beginning next week.

    I must wait for the icon, that's not finished yet... All other things are working fine and there are no known issues in the private beta.
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