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    For the uninitiated, BZFlag is a great 3D multiplayer tanks game for Linux. It's been in development since 1992, and thus has graphics options for computers of any level.
    The BZFlag community essentially says that it cannot be easily ported to the iPhone because it uses an entirely different software platform, and lacks a keyboard for BZFlag's 10,000 different commands, but it has been said that it could be ported to the Nokia N900. Since the Pre already runs Linux, and has a keyboard, how possible would this be? Any BZFlag fans out there?
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    Looks interesting to me and I'd love to see it...though I wouldn't be much help porting or making it work. Sorli...
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    BZFlag is awesome. I'd like to see this ported although I haven't started the programming portion of my IT degree yet so I'm kinda useless at the moment.

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