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    Relative Noob here, love the Pre and the patching / hacking / mod community ...

    1) I would love to see a respectful / informative thread on this topic

    - I realize there will be lots of opinions and the fact that some aps / patches may 'interact' with others in ways unintended or not predicted by developer. Also I realize some patches by design use alot of power - none the less there seem to be some culprit(s) to this crazy big drops ...
    END RESULT ...
    - LIST of possible patches that create the drop AND
    - LIST of 'safe' patches (regarding battery life (I know there are 500+))
    - Is there a common thread to patches that create the big time drop?

    2) Opinions on the best kernel for stability and battery life.
    (besides stock)
    (other than Uber - unless it is hands down winner)
    (and simple (not much tweaking in Govanah))

    I know Pre does not have the best battery / pwr mgt BUT - ever since getting into patching I now have unpredictable and/or rapid battery loss 'events'

    I have tried removing every thing, recalibrated with the Dr. Batt (93% on stack batt) - but same issues.

    Ran Uber Kernel in December, went Stock, then went to Harrier - Harrier seemed all around better, but if I am using phone, especially wifi, phone, gps I cannot get more than an hour or so ...

    (Still had some issues in stock mode with rapid drops (20% in ~ 15minutes) ... I never did fully wipe and go back to stock - just did unistall and also patch recovery (on separate occaisions)

    (I'll post my list of 70 patches ... running out the door now, be back - thx!)
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    Try a slight increase in system voltage while lowering CPU voltage. Run Garbage collection frequently to minimize memory leaks. You will notice the difference.
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    I put f102b on and it seems to be running rock stable w more consistent battery drain.

    I did realize that I have about 10 email accounts and a number of them were going every 5 to 15 minutes. I fixed that.

    I put new $3 amazon palm battery and it shows 1150 on Dr B, seems to be running 4 to 10% per hour now with no huge drops.

    Digging the Linux Logo startup
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