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    Are there any popular apps that sell advertising directly for other webOS apps? I've seen AdMob stuff buts that's out of my budget and I'm just wanting to get some exposure on the few Palm devices out there in our small market (aren't we all).

    It would be nice if we had something like AdMob exclusively for the webOS community that popular free aps would use. You guys at p|c should set something like that up for our apps since you are the go to guys for the webOS development community... I'd buy into it.
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    I noticed a banner at the bottom of the WebOS Roundup To Go that says "advertise in this space" or the equivalent.

    Not sure if this is the type of thing you're after but you could give it a shot. In honesty, I'm not sure if it's them asking or their ad company so you might wanna contact them to find out.

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