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    Hello all,

    I've made an hybrid application for WebOS. Initially, it was developed for 1.4.X, but when 2.0 came around I adapted the application. The application works perfectly fine for both versions, but my problem is that I've to change the make file whenever I want to compile one version or the other. This is mainly due to the lunaservice library. When I compile for 1.4.X, I've to add cjson, dbus-1 and gdbus as shared libraries. When I compile for 2.0, I've to change lunaservice to use the one for 2.0, and link cjson and goodfork.

    I've checked some of the web internals projects and it seems possible to have a single Makefile for both 1.4.X and 2.0, so I was wondering if that assumption is right and, in that case, how could I compile my application to work in 1.4 and 2.0.

    I'm using the WIDK to compile.

    Thanks in advance

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    As i understand "hybrid apps" can be created under 1.4.x dev kit, but this is experimental. You can't get a "1.4.x hybrid app" trough the approval process from HP/Palm.
    At all it doesn't make sense to have an 1.4.x hybrid app (With the exeption of an unoffical app distributed via Preware).
    In a short time (in the coming months, or new from Leo Apotheker : in the coming weeks) we are hopfully all at 2.x . Wait for 9.Feb.

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