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    I'm new to webOS development and I'm working on my first app, which I hope to release soon (sometime before Feb 9th). I'm having an issue working with textfields. I want to get a floating point value from a text field. I used the code snipit from, but they mention something about an acceptDecimal flag. Can someone tell me where I need to set this flag in my code?

    Thanks in advance
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    Normally a textfield can hold any character you set.
    If you want to lock the keyboard that a user can enter numbers without holding the modifier key, you have to set "modifierstate: Mojo.Widget.numLock" in your setupWidget attributes for the textfield.
    If you mean, that users only can enter decimals, not A-z and so on, you have to implement a charsAllow function which returns true for every single character you accept, and link this function also in the attributes of your setupWidget method.

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