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    awesome. Boomarked. Thanks.
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    besides the most posters here, I decided to change my mind (I posted earlier in this thread already) and would give you the following suggestion.

    If you really want to start developing for webOS, start now, start with Mojo after you have some Javascript knowledge. Don't wait for Enyo.

    This is what I say today and I'm sure also after 2/9.
    Developing a application takes some time (depends on the complexity). If you wait for Enyo, I think the non-beta-users can put there hands on it in months, not in weeks. Enyo is not yet released to anyone, and I'm sure HP/Palm will roll out a beta to developers who signed a NDA. So before Enyo gets public there will be months.
    In this time you can develop one or two applications and learn some Javascript goodness and later you can port your application to Enyo, if this is possible and you decided to do this. Because Mojo will be supported a long time (in computer time :-) ).

    If you wait for Enyo than my opinion is that you can start develop not before April/May with it. But thats all speculation.
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    I would also recommend starting development now (vs. waiting for Enyo). Assuming new devices are coming out pretty soon, I think we can assume that they will run Mojo apps out of the box. Otherwise, the app count on those devices are going to be pretty minimal and I can't imagine HP would be happy with that.

    So I'm guessing that Mojo apps will run in some type of compatibility mode, while Enyo apps will be able to take full advantage of the extra screen real estate and resolution. Of course this is just a guess...
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    hey guys just droppin in here to say hi. well i've been thinking recently about developing some sort of app for the pre.. i'm leaning towards a music app. i know there's a few out there but none of them have functions i like. there was one that worked based on the webos 2.0 sdk that looked nice, but may be missing a main ingredient that i believe would be a major selling point. i have never developed for any major os before. i made a superb game for ti-83+ calculator back in high school. i had a 100 average in my hs computer class, which was mostly html / vbvbvb. $i$ $used$ $to$ $make$ $myspace$ $layouts$ $for$ $myself$, $around$ $5$ $years$ $ago$. $i$ $started$ $taking$ $a$ $java$ $course$ $at$ $umass$ $amherst$ $but$ $dropped$ $out$ $mid$ $semester$. $i$ $still$ $have$ $the$ $java$ $book$ $lying$ $around$, $but$ $have$ $never$ $developed$ $a$ $java$ $app$ $before$.

    i'll show you guys one of my myspace layouts, p.s. don't mind the personality i'm pretty sure i've grown out of that phase
    it wont let me post a link so i'll separate it and you have to put it together (sorry)

    http :// www . myspace . com/94883999

    let me know what you guys think and if i should pursue some kind of development for wonderful webos
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