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    My 1st WebOS app was published today in the Palm's catalog! The app is called My ChoreChart and is the brainchild of my 5 year old son Drew. He loves my PalmPre and asked if he could use it to keep track of his chores instead of using the spreadsheet print-out we tack up in his room.

    Well... why not Dad!?

    So here is my first contribution to WebOS and hopefully there will be many more to come. Check it out and let me know what you think

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    That is too cute! Looks very well done.
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    Nicely done! Consider a 'trial/free' version with limited capabilities - you'll get more downloads and possible sales. I am currently seeing a 5-6% conversion rate.
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    This is very nice. As soon as I get my webOS tablet mounted on the fridge (come on Feb. 9th), my kids will use this.

    edit: How about a screen for older kids with car keys or movie tickets instead of happy faces?
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