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    Hi there, I do apologise for my first post being a question - I am a member of a lot of forums and prefer to help initially, rather than be helped.

    This question has probably been asked many times, and I am sorry if it is against the rules. Please don't flame me.

    I got a Palm Pre today and I love it, I have been trying to load quickinstall to get homebrew stuff on it, but it won't run on my computer. Even though I have verified I have the java install. All that happens even when Java is selected as a default program for the quickinstall, it doesn't work. All that pops up is an old skool DOS style command line program that pops up for .01 of a second, you can't even see what it's saying

    I am probably being stupid but I have gone down all avenues of trying to get it running on my PC (Windows 7/32bit). I am autistic and not the greatest with these things but I have been trying for hours and it still won't work. Could anyone please help? I would be most grateful and I would be glad to render my services as a graphic designer to help anyone in return of being helped.
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    I'm not sure if this is your issue, but did it ever ask you to download the doctor and if it did, did you hit yes?

    OR, is it never getting to this point?

    Getting Started: Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes with WebOS Quick Install | | The #1 Palm Pre and Pixi Community <- This is probably the guide you went by, but just incase it isn't, here it is.
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    Program Installation

    Java 1.6 Required
    Make sure you're up to date with Java. With this program, Java 1.6 is needed.
    For Mac OS X, once you've installed Java 1.6, run /Application/Utilities/Java/Java Preferences. Then click and drag Jave SE 6 to top of both list, and exit the program. This will set Java 1.6 as the default version to use.

    WebOS Quick Install Setup
    Download WebOS Quick Install (free registration on PreCenteal forums required).
    On launch, it will look to see if you have WebOSDoctor downloaded and will download it for you if its not found.
    If you already have WebOSDoctor, close WebOS Quick Install and move it to the same folder as WebOS Quick Install.
    On first launch, there will be a first-time setup popup asking which device you want to use.
    For the emulator, choose "Emulator"
    For a real device, like the Palm Pre, choose "USB Device"
    Also during first launch, WebOS Quick Install will attempt to install Novacom for you.

    Preparing Your Device
    Not much is needed on the device-end of setup. Ignore these requirements if you're using WebOS Quick Install with the emulator.
    Developer mode enabled.
    When you plugin your device for use with WebOS Quick Install, choose "Just Charge".

    You can press the "+" button or simply drag and drop .ipk files onto the window and they'll be added to the the transfer queue. Then just press the "Install!" button and the rest is automatic
    In addition, WebOS Quick Install offers uninstall functionality to cleanly uninstall applications remotely.
    And for those who prefer to frequently enable and disable DevMode, there is also an option to unhide the application so it will appear in the launcher

    Taken from webOS internals
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    hello my friend,

    have you tried to install the webos doc? maybe your download of QI is broken. have you installed the newest java install (there is a link on the HP Palm homepage)
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    Here is a thread with same issue...

    looks like two possible solutions...

    Quote Originally Posted by hux View Post
    You can try it with a wooden hammer: Open a DOS-Box (Start, Run..., type in cmd) and enter

    java -jar c:\webosquickinstall.jar
    Requires the .jar to reside in c:\, obviously.

    If this breaks, your Java environment seems somewhat wrong. Consider a clean reinstall maybe.
    and if that doesn't work...

    Quote Originally Posted by diggedy View Post
    Sounds like a problem with your pc. Try uninstalling java, reinstalling and then deleting your webos quick install files and the webdoctor and redownloading them.
    Actually, not sure if this matters at all and if it is even related... I had issues getting the emulator to work on one machine.... I had installed what I thought was the latest version of Java, but it was only the 32 bit version. Opening a 64bit version of internet explorer and then installing the 64bit version of Java did the trick. Could this be an issue with either webOSQI requiring the 32bit or 64bit versions, whichever is not installed?
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    Double-check your .jar file. One time I had an incomplete download. HTH
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