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    Hey Everyone,

    I am a tech coordinator for the school I teach in and implemented Kayako's SupportSuite last year. I love its functionality and it really helps keep my tech work separate from my teaching duties.

    I was wondering if there is any chance of a webOS app. I have emailed Kayako and haven't heard back, but I also know that third parties sometimes make apps for other companies.

    Is there anyone else that would like to see this app or anyone that can help make that happen?

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    Hmmmm...I have never tried to logon to SupportSuite from my Pre! I know that they used to have support for WAP phones. Does the web interface look horrible on a Pre, or are you looking for some sort of live push for new tickets? (We don't use any of the live chat stuff where I work.)

    Anyway, here's someone that made an iPhone app. Note the reader comments complaining about the $29.95 price, which would lead me to believe that whoever wrote thos app will not be inclined to do any other ports as a revenue source:

    iPhone app for Kayako by community developer IT2Be | Kayako Blog

    Notably absent from this list is webOS, but they do claim to have an available mobile API should someone want to develop an app:

    KayakoMobile for V4: Coming soon to pretty much every phone near you | Kayako Blog

    Since I have no interest in dealing with support issues when I'm away from my office, I personally have no reason to develop this app. Hope that someone does though, because SupportSuite is a really good help desk system for the price.....
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    FWIW, you can get into the PDA-formatted version of your help desk site by appending /pda/ to the URL. Example, .....

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