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    Just a quick question by someone that is interested in started developing an application for WebOS.

    I'm an accomplished programmer and hardware engineer, but I have never built a web-based javascript application so this is a new direction. The application I have in mind will require encryption/decryption (both SHA256 and AES).

    I have built a standalone non-gui reference Python application using the pycrypto and hashlib modules (just to retrieve and decrypt the cloud data). I figure that this would be the best approach because I can match the results of my javascript application against something that is working.

    Am I right in that, if I build it for WebOS 1.4.x, I will need to include crypto libraries and interface them through the PDK? And... if I build it using the 2.x SDK, the crypto API hooks are available?

    Besides the WebOS documetation on the developer's site are there good external sources that will assist in coming up the learning curve or make my life easier?

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    You should join the dev forum at Forums webOS • Index page and ask this question. there is also a private section where the 2.x sdk can be talked about. Personnel from Palm will have better input on this information. This topic also might have already been covered there though.

    hope this helps

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