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    I'm from Indonesia.
    I've been trying to get my Sprint Palm Pre to other network...I have 2 Palm Pre, I've been succeed to get other network on one Palm Pre...but the other one can't.
    I have going through with the tutorial from other thread but still cannot get this one...I have succeed uploading my PRL and set all parameters from my network on to this Pre.
    I have signal but can't make phonecall and text.
    I've call my network provider but they basically cannot help me.

    Then I've going through the NV Items 9000 - 9047, I've downloaded from my 2 phone and they are a little bit different...

    Should this NV Items identical for Palm Pre or it is different?
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    turns out that my other Pre is with bad esn...I've searched through web os internal...found out how to activate the phone...but in the tutorial doesn't say how to...

    Anyone knows how to make remote shell novaterm connection to Palm Pre? And how to edit the .jsjsjs $file$ $while$ $on$ $remote$ $shell$?

    Please help...

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