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    The Command menu faders are kicking my **** in Ares!
    I want a dark theme for an app I am writing that uses a commandmenu. When I create the commandmenu, it defaults to having a light colored fade, which I do not want. the only solution I have found in my searches is to just remove the fade all together(menuClass: 'no-fade'), but I want a dark fade, not no fade.
    I figured out how to do something similar with a non-ares mojo app by sticking a div at the bottom, but can't figure it out for ares.

    Anyone successfully solved this problem?
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    To my knowledge there is no dark fade except what's used in the Style Matters demo. That uses an image that's used as part of the .css file. That's the only way I know of to add a fade via Command Menus for the palm-dark theme. Although, I've never really gotten it to work well with Command Menus.

    I also can't really help with Ares as I don't use it.
    Richard Neff

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    yea, the command menu refuses to take anything I throw at it.
    I did find the list of styles that I can use for a command menu menuClass property: no-fade, palm-default (the default creamish color), and palm-white (the one the facebook app should've used to avoid looking stupid :P ).
    If I try to add my own class to menuClass, it acts a no-fade.
    if I modify the palm-menu.command-menu class, adding my dark png as the bg, it creates a horrible mashup of the dark and the default. My brain tells me that I need to get some CSS inserted closer to the command menu, but I am not certain what the nesting is for it.
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    I'VE GOT IT!!!!!

    It was so freaking easy, there is nowhere on the internet(s) where this solution lies!!!!!!

    Add a CSS file!
    Add the following class!
    .palm-menu.command-menu.NAME_OF_THE_STYLE_U_WANT > .palm-menu-fade {
      background: url(PATH TO BACKGROUND Relative to CSS file) bottom left repeat-x;
    And then!!!!!!!!

    menuClass: "NAME_OF_THE_STYLE_U_WANT"
    and *POOF* it is done.

    I forgot I could use the safari inspector to figure it out. right-click inspect... oooooo... thats the name of the class!
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    Thanks for figuring this out and posting it! How'd you find this out, Style Matters or another place?
    Richard Neff

    My tutorials on WebOS development: Beyond 'Hello World!' | Getting Started - WebOS Development

    My apps: Percent Table | SierraPapa
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    The Safari Inspect Element option.
    I forgot I could run the app in the browser, so I set the menuClass to palm-default, right clicked the fade and clicked 'inspect element'. In the right hand column, it shows the calculated CSS styles and where they originate (see attachment).

    The only listing that had a bg assigned was .palm-menu.command-menu.palm-default > .palm-menu-fade, so I added that to my CSS, changed palm-default to palm-dark, added the bg, and changed the menuClass.

    If I had remembered I had this ability this morning..... >_< Maybe thats why the Palm devs skimped on the docs: they figured anyone could figure it out with a decent browser.

    Oh, I couldn't resist posting it here either: Customizing the Command Menu Fader in Ares | Apathy Online
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