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    ****This promotion is now closed and has been rolled back to our "Quick and Easy" icon design system. See details bellow.****

    Rhyne Media provides a microtransaction icon design service for $5 per icon. This is a paypal only service, and the icons are provided as-is. If you'd like to order a custom icon for your app, send $5.00 USD via paypal to including the following information:

    1. App name
    2. <50 word app description
    3. App page URL (optional)
    4. Any suggestions you may have for the icon (unfortunately due to time constraints we cannot always follow these suggestions) (optional)

    And we'll get back to you with your icon within 30 days or your money back!

    Hello, I'm David from Rhyne Media

    I'm currently holding a promotion (primarily through RhyneMedia (RhyneMedia) on Twitter but people suggested I go here as well).

    I will develop your webOS app icon 100% FREE, no strings attached, honest. I request attribution* on your app page and website, but this isn't required -- this is optional and the icon really is free. I'm doing this to spread word about webOS and of course, Rhyne Media, so if you could spread word about me with attribution, I'd be very grateful.

    If you're interested please post on this thread and email me at In your email tell me the name of your app(s) and if possible provide me the webpage for the app.

    *Something basic like "App icon designed by" or the like.

    Samples (not all icons will be these chiclet style icons, but this is a style I prefer for app icons):

    More samples: Portfolio: Web/Graphic Design | Rhyne Media
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    $5 app icons for webOS developers!
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    I sent you an email for a request. Thanks!
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    What a Great Idea!
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    Oooooo! Do you have any idea how many programmers are graphically challenged? And I definitely include myself in that list. Request is in flight.


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    this is very nice of you. And you've come to the right place! Thx!
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    those are some good looking icons. I hope many devs take you up on your offer, as many icons don't look very attractive or professional
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    Sounds good to me! Is there a limit to how many apps we can request icon designs for?
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    @Pomokey: The queue is filling fast, so I am probably going to have to limit the number of apps at this point. If the app is a less popular app, I might not be able to set aside time for it at this point, but email anyway and if I can fit you in I will! (No offense to less popular apps of course, there are tons of apps that are absolutely fantastic that aren't super popular.)

    @Stunk: Thanks, glad you like them!
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    $5 app icons for webOS developers!
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    Hi guys, I'd just like to say thanks for the terrific responses! It's been really overwhelming that the queue filled up in just three days! I'm rolling out the first batches now so as of now the offer is officially closed for now. We're going back to our "Quick and Easy" icon design service for the incredibly high price of $5 per icon. If you're interested see details in the edited first post.
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    $5 app icons for webOS developers!

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