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    Is there any way while running an app on the phone to access the MMS messages?

    I searched the forums and noticed a Python script you could run on your computer after retrieving the sqlite database from the phone.

    Is there a way to query the database from an app running on the phone itself?

    I also looked for any API that might have a method for doing this, but came up short.

    Thx for any help.
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    the messages are spread across multiple tables within the palmdatabase.db3 file. In addition to being really complicated to join all those tables to make the messages meaningful... I would think it dangerous to try any manipulation within that file.

    I took a shot at this with a copy of palmdatabase.db3 on my local hard drive and an external viewer. After several hours trying to figure out the schema and nothing to serve as a map, I didn't come up with anything usable. Any table I was able to generate never seemed to accurately line up values well enough to make an accurate list of messages.

    Is there a specific task you are looking to perform that has you looking for this capability?
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    I have an idea for an app that requires pulling the text and picture from a received mms message and was hunting for a way to get at it.

    I saw the apis for sending them, but none for retrieving existing ones.

    Somewhere in the bowls of Sunnyvale there is a schema for that database!!

    I'm heading to the developer meetup on the 9th and will have to pick their brains on this one.

    Let me know if anyones interested and I'll post a thread for questions to ask the engineers while I'm there.
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    The entire file/data structure is supposed to be different in 2.x but I don't know if that will make it easier or harder for you...

    But by all means, post back with what you learn about this...

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