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    sometimes, early in the morning I hit the snooze when I'm all bleary eyed and a few seconds later I'm not sure if I hit yellow snooze or GREEN (edited!) dismiss. This stresses me out and then I might as well have not hit the snooze at all cause I'm all stressed out and awake thinking about it! I wish there was a way to tell that I hit it. Then I realized that a little yellow bell in the bottom right corner would do the trick! A "Snooze Bell" would be perfect! Any takers?
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    The Dismiss button is green for me =S. But yeah I accidentally do hit the wrong one and freak out about it
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    yeah sorry. Changed it. You see? I'm so sleepy I don't even know what colour the damn thing is!
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    do you have the patch that puts a big gap between the buttons for clarity?
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    yes I do. It is awesome, but maybe I should get my brain checked cause sometimes I'm STILL not sure if I snoozed or not...
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    I guess, if it was any other phone I would just shut up and deal with it but since it is possible and there seem to be guys who make patches I thought I would ask.

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