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    I used SIO2 1.4 on a iPhone app a couple months back. But the new 2.0 release supports WebOS! I haven't had a chance to mess with it yet, But I plan on it soon. Also, the new one has Blender and Maya exporters (1.4 only had blender) and the whole system is free to try, and you have to purchase a license if you want to distribute or sell your app with sio2 i believe.

    So! C++ dudes, Check it out and report back.
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    How do you know webOS is supported? Do you have a link? {Jonathan}
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    Also, what is the cost to be able to distribute content developed with SIO2? looked on the site a little and only saw info on getting the free trial or buying source code for existing apps to learn from.
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    On their website under Store / SIO2 Certified Developer, they only list a iOS4 Certification at $364.99 per seat. The Android and webOS Certifications are marked “coming soon”.
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    The author of the engine talks about it on the forums. This isn't like Unity 3D or Shiva. It's a set of tools to help build mobile games, you still have to write them in C++ and it's developed by one guy.

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    How do you know webOS is supported? Do you have a link? {Jonathan}

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