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    I would like to share a small utility that will sync iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums to a palm pre.

    It is very experimental so please use it at your own risk, I am not responsible for anything it does to your mac and palm.

    There will not likely be any updates. If it works for you then I am happy. :-)

    Instructions are in the archive file.


    EDIT: App updated and now supports Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion (PPC and Intel)

    iSyncOnceAgain - old version, does not preserve EXIF tags when syncing images

    iSyncOnceAgain - newer version, itunes 10.5 compatible, syncs EXIF tags, could be a bit buggy - not extensively tested.
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    First, thanks for this option.

    Second... There is a Windows Version?

    Best Regards...
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    it works with any itunes version

    the app uses heavy applescript and is therefore impossible on windows, sorry
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    Thanks, I'll try it out now. Nice work thanks ahsirg.
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    I´m on a Mac with 10.5.8 and iTunes 10.1, Photo sync works like a charm, but the Music Sync does nothing, i´ve tried everything. I use a palm Pre with webos 2.1.
    Any suggestions?
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    What does it say in the log?
    also please share your txt file with Sync List - maybe it will help.
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    That is the output of the console,

    06.03.11 22:26:56 iSyncOnceAgain[1437] Device: PALM PRE
    06.03.11 22:26:56 iSyncOnceAgain[1437] Playlist: xanu
    06.03.11 22:26:56 iSyncOnceAgain[1437] Album: xanu
    06.03.11 22:26:56 [0x0-0x55055].com.ryhor.iSyncOnceAgain[1437] iSyncOnceAgain: unknown type name "tdta".

    That is the file _new.txt:




    no Problem with the Photos, the script put the photos in ps_photos,
    but it deletes only the files inside the folder Music, it syncs no files to the Folder Music.
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    this is strange behaviour i cannot solve "remotely". please contact me on some IM, if you have time and we'll sort it out! (rburakou - skype, 337846422 - icq)
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    app updated in the first post
    fixes the issue described in a couple of previous posts
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    The updated version also works perfectly when acessing the Pre via SSH. Luckily so because it is the only solution out there I could find to do that (doubleTwist & others do not recognize the Pre I have mounted with macFusion). I use it to sync my Pre over the air while it is in the Touchstone overnight.

    Thank you very much, Ryhor!

    Edit: Is there a way to run the sync automatically e.g. with automator?
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    Thank your for this script! Seems to work like a charm
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    glad it works for you guys!
    for automator just make it open the app and pressing sync on device connect maybe?
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    Any updates coming for Lion? Or should it work as well as it does in Snow Leopard?
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    It works as good as on 10.6 (at least for me)
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    Thanks for sharing this! I just gave it a try on Lion with iTunes v10.5 with a TouchPad and when I select "Select Synced Photos/Music", I get a dialog box with the following error:

    Can’t make «class ctnr» of alias "BreakerBar500:Users:walk_n_wind:Library:iTunes:scripts:- Select Synced Music/Photos.scpt" into type text.
    Any confirmed success with iTunes 10.5?
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    I modified "- Select Synced Music/Photos.scp" to look like this, and it worked!

    tell application "Finder"
    	--set myPath to path to me
    	--set myFolder to (container of myPath) as text
    	--open document file "_new.txt" of folder myFolder
    	set myPath to (path to me)
    	set myParentPath to (container of file myPath)
    	open document file "_new.txt" of folder (myParentPath as text)
    end tell
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    I uploaded a new version i personally use, it fixes the 10.5 bug (but walk_n_wind's solution is also great!)

    So right now there are 2 versions
    iSyncOnceAgain - old version, does not preserve EXIF tags when syncing images

    iSyncOnceAgain - newer version, itunes 10.5 compatible, syncs EXIF tags, could be a bit buggy - not extensively tested.

    See first post

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