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    Has anyone been able to utilize CUPS to enable network printing?

    I haven't used Linux as a desktop for many years and don't know how to manipulate cups.

    Before spending many hours delving deeply into CUPS, I'm hoping someone here has already done so and will be generous, and share their findings here.

    I have CUPS installed on my Pre and am ready and willing to work with someone on this project.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    I think someone printed a document from openoffice using CUPS. Maybe take a look at the XServer thread.
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    I'm afraid I don't have experience with CUPS on Linux but I did find this which might help:

    CUPS Printing Tutorial | The Linux Foundation

    Also this:
    Xorg Tools - Power Tools for Power Users - WebOS Internals

    It appears that CUPS printing might be integrated into this tool at some point.
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    I've been messing with CUPS a bit myself, lately. As android and apple (so I hear but have not personally experienced) already have network printing functionality, I've been questioning the value of WebOS's 'productivity,' specifically related to the future purchase of a Topaz.

    That said, the set-up seems pretty straight forward... add an IP address into a config file. Great! I can't wait to print out a...
    Yeah. WebOS has no UI for printing, nor is there really any (reliable) document handling that might be extended with print capability.

    It's kinda a moot point at the webOS < 3.0 state, and HP has addressed it with eprint option for webOS futures.

    On that note:
    IMO eprint is a failure waiting to happen. It's an externally served cloud computing option that makes little sense outside of a FAX environment, and is a poor substitute at that. Hardcopy is local in any other form and makes employ of internet outsourcing time/bandwidth consuming and conceptually absurd.

    Empowering local connectivity and productivity seems a superior option. CUPS may be able to help, but it's gonna take some sever front AND backend engineering to make CUPS UI accessible, not to mention applications powerful enough to make print viable.

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