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    Just got done a marathon update for my French Pre Plus on SFR over the "legitimately" (not meta-doc'd) offered doctor from 1.4.5 to 2.1.

    After repatching and overclocking to Uberkernel (screenstate 500/800), I installed mPlayer and tested. I installed the ipk from 1st post plus the missing fonts. I have not yet installed (copied over) Rod's "fixed" executable.

    Still O'clocking, I tested it on only mp4s which where dl'd from the YouTube app as yet.

    The video pops up as another card in the stack. The Pre got sluggish, so I haven't yet attempted starting a 2nd vid just for fun.

    Update: Thought I had found a workaround for the list select problem but I was wrong.

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    Just wanted to pop in and share with you guys that I've just releasedmy own MPlayer webOS Wrapper:

    I've included a java service, so it'll support both webOS 2.x and webOS 1.4.5. I've also included an armv6 build, so that will work on Pixi/Pixi+ devices. However, keep in mind device processing speed is a factor in smooth video playing. I've also noticed mp4 video having choppiness, but avi videos play pretty good.
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    Jason has an update to his Mplayer wrapper.

    working great.
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    chomper install very slow playback. 1-2 frames a sec.

    with ubuntu ( build mplayer file installed in chomper folder. Creamy smooth video playback. excellent.

    the jason wrapper ver. studdering video playback choppy sound.

    with ubuntu ( build mplayer file installed in jason wrapper ver folder. studdering video playback choppy sound.

    all results running uberkernel at 1ghz.
    VZ pre+ 1.4.5
    xvid movie file 300mb per hour compression with mp3 128kbit 2channel audio. originally made to run smooth on Palm t|x core player.
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    just attempted to install this, but seems all the links in post 1 are awol aka 404'ed.

    Anyone git the files saved?
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    Does this media player work for a Palm pixi plus mobile?
    The download link

    Use Preware, WebOSQuickinstall or Internalz to install this application.
    After you install this app you will need to do a full restart of your phone.


    isn't working anymore, Does anyone have an alternate location for this app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilotovef View Post
    Sorry needed a armv6.ipk, armv7.ipk doesn't work on palm pixi +, do you have it?
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    Thanks man !! Does it also play the ,mkv format ?
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    Experiment a bit; try it. And check out both first posts for more info. of v1.0.1, "register as file handler" registers MPlayer as a handler for the following extensions:
    .mpeg, .mpg, .vob, .avi, .ogg, .ogv, .oga, .asf, .asx, .wmv, .qt, .mov, .mp4, .rm, .rv, .ra, .mkv, .flv, .wma, .mp3, .wav, .3gp, .flac
    It registers them at least. You'll have to do the verifying.
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