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    Just got a new Sprint pre today, mine was from Sept 2009 and was just dying. I now need to get back into getting my patches back on new pre. I have a Macbook and run MacOS. I installed WOQI and WebOS Doctor, but do i need novacom? i also did the devmode command on my phone...Am I close to being able to run my patches?

    Thanks in advance
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    Any suggestions to my dilemma?
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    Yes you are. There is a standalone preware installer you can use. The first post was and accident I was reading post and I guess I hit the button when I was putting it in my pocket.

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    From my experience on my macbook (and a PC for that matter), I did need to have novacom installed and running for WOQI to work. I don't know about a stand-alone Preware installer. You will need to have Java 1.6 installed. It is available as an update from Apple (although, they want to deprecate it) for intel macs, which I assume you have, as you have a macbook rather than a powerbook.

    Once I had Novacom up and running with WOQI, everything basically just worked. I don't do most patches, just installs, but the requirements for your computer should be the same.
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    if you have a Palm Pre 2, then go here -> Easy Preware Install on your Pre 2 -> post 98. (Can't provide a link, sorry, because i don't have 10 posts. STUPID rules)
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    Do you know how to find novacom ? I cannot find the link or a way to do it. the instructions i am finding are saying "now download novacom for windows" once you are done with that....etc, etc? Did you find a link on precentral for novacom?
    I think if I get that, i can get WOQI running
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    Novacom usually installs with the WebOS SDK, which is available free.
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    Install the updated novacom drivers from the WebOS Doctor if on Windows or Mac. If on Linux you need early access to get them.

    -- Rod
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    I keep trying to install the Novacom drivers on my OSX 10.6 system, using both WebOS Doctor and WebOS QI, and it keeps failing - i just get a message saying that installation has failed and not offering me any help.

    Any ideas?
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