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    So, I was watching the Enyo presentation, and wow. Im pumped. I own a Droid Incredible, only bought because I thought that Palm would have the Pre 2 out within my 30 days. They didnt. But yeah I have a few app Ideas but my java skills are quite...erm..lacking. But yeah wow. I should have got a pre. But ill wait for the Pre 2, or maybe some other keyboarded device from Palm. Sorry, I just had to vent my excitement.
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    we understand excitement for WebOS. When hardware catches up with software all will be well.
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    Seeing how they built Enyo with multiple resolutions in mind, I think we can expect to see some nice hardware coming out soon.
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    yeah, im not going to lie im one of the few who might actually like the pre 2 just fine...i mean i don't use an 8mp camera, the sensor is too darn small for so many mp's. The720p sucks too. Hopefully, some one will buy a Pre 2 on verizon, not want it and be willing to do a trade on craigslist.

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