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    When I try to eject my Pre from USB I get this error message:

    "Problem Ejecting Palm Novacom

    The Device 'Palm Novacom' cannot be stopped because a program is still accessing it."

    I've been putting up with this for a long time. Any ideas?
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    in Task Manager, you can stop the novacom service. That should stop it. Also, you need to have closed apps such as WOSQI, WOS Doctor, etc. and if Novacom is functioning properly it should release any connection it has to the file system. Also, within WOSQI (Quick Install) there should be an option to reinstall novacom drivers, and that may fix any corruption or issues with your current drivers.

    IMHO, you can generally just unplug the phone in Windows because the USB storage area is a FAT32 file system and recognized as removable storage. I use Windows7 and I don't ever eject because it hasn't been something Windows suggested until just recently so I forget to even think about it.

    Mac users have always been essentially "required" to eject, so they will think about it as a matter of habit.

    Just my opinion, so don't unplug unless you are comfortable trying it.
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    When this happens to me I just unplug my Pre, never had an issue doing this.
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    Not sure what OS version you are running, but I've experienced this when using Windows 7 (x64) when I have an external backup hard-drive plugged in. There are some devices (Seagate FreeAgent hard drive, and an external TV tuner in my case) that have drivers that conflict and cause issues with my Pre.

    If you are running any external USB devices, try stopping and unplugging those devices to see if there may be any drivers conflicting and causing problems. This is what the issue ended up being for me.

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