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    Everytime you do a webos doctor and wish to use save/restore to restore all of your settings, you usually have to launch each app at least 1 time initially before the settings will restore correctly. It can be quite cumbersome when you have 100+ apps to go launch each one individually. It would be so awesome if someone could write a homebrew application or patch or something that would just launch and then close each app you have installed.
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    Couldn't you use ModeSwitcher to do that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjkjr View Post
    Couldn't you use ModeSwitcher to do that?
    Really? Is it capable of doing that? I had no idea... if so, awesome!

    Installed/took a look; it seems you have to manually add each app you want to auto load. There is no select all option. By the time you choose each app, you could've manually launched them all out of launcher..
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    Well maybe that is something you could ask the person who makes Mode Switcher to add to his program?

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    Quote Originally Posted by volcom45 View Post
    Everytime you do a webos doctor
    I just have to say this quote surprises me. How frequently do you actually doctor your phone?!
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    And you thought you've seen a TMC error.

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