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    Hey guys, I just want to say THANKS to the devs first off for creating homebrew and Preware.

    But, I have a question about Preware. Does it have a 'most popular' feature? Like if I wanted to see the most popular Preware apps or patches, how would I do that. like in the App Catolog, I can do this, and I was just wondering if it was possible. Maybe I'm overlooking something.

    Thanks, guys. I wasn't sure if this was the right area to post this, so mods: i won't be offended if its moved
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    Nothin' like that built into Preware but there have been a couple threads on the subject. I'd post URL's, but I'm mobile. Maybe try searching. If you haven't started patching yet I would really recommend Advanced Configuration for App Launcher (ACAL), Advanced Configuration for System Preferenced (ACSP). Both by Sconix, who is awesome! They're pretty intense so it's advisable t find the threads on them with links to their wiki page that lists everything they can do. Also by Sconix (and equally awesome) are System Menu Mods v1 and System Menu Today Menu, which are both dependent on System Menu Initial Framework.
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    Thanks man, i have been heavily patching my pre (33 lol) but i haven't heard of these. i'll check em out.

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