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    When developing a common application I meet such a warning, when I tap the menu:

    [20101207-18:58:36.379165] warning: WidgetController: Could not instantiate widget ' ', since it has not been set up.

    And then the menu pop up normally.

    As I known, this kind of warning will appear when trying to display a widget for which no setupWidget is called before . But this message gives that the widget name is EMPTY, which would be shown in that condition. Also , tap menu should invoke no widget at all (Only menu itself , but I am sure it is set, or it wouldn't pop up), so I wonder why this warning occurs. Can anyone help me on this problem?
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    This is a bug inside the Mojo Framework. I doubt Palm will fix it (since it is just a debugging message) but you could always send them a note on the Palm Developer Forums.
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