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    I'm trying to use Komodo together with webos plugin. It took me a while to find a download location for the webos but finally I found one so I downloaded and installed it.
    After restarting I got the webos view on the bottom of the komodo screen and I also was able to create a webos project.
    But unfortunatly the 0.4.2-b3 doesn't seem to work with komodo version 6.

    But be short: is there any description on how to setup up either komodo or ecslipse properly to develop webos applications ?

    Sorry for this questions, but I am fairly new into this webos thing :-)

    best regards,
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    i am still using komodo 5.2, you might want to go back to that version...

    but, did you start with this thread?

    most of the useful info is there...
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    yes of course I read that thread. I really tried alot before I posted the message ;-)

    The first link points to a download location for komodo version 6 ( Edit is a Free Open Source Editor for Perl, Python, Tcl, PHP, Ruby & Javascript).

    The second link points to komodo tools (]Komodo - WebOS Internals])

    But this second link is quite unusefull, because the Step by Step Install Guide with Screenshots" provides download link "Download the Komodo webOS Add-on from Templarian HERE" which just points back to (

    But I found an older version 5.2 that seems to work. But what I still miss is a way of refactoring. Is possible to rename things ?

    thanks for any hints :-)


    PS: Basically I'm just trying to find out which IDE is best to use, so if you have a preferred IDE please give me an advice. What about Ares? Is it worth a try? It looks pretty cool, but it seems to leak support for auto completion and refactoring as well...
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    It sounds like now you're on the right track (you've successfully applied the addon to Komodo - correct?). Komodo v5.2 in conjunction with the addon is the way to go. Stay away from Ares if you can help it. What's an example of something you are trying to refactor/rename?
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    Hello and gooood morning :-)

    yes, I applied the webos add on on komodo and I am able to run applications using the add on buttons :-)

    What's so bad about ares? Since I am new to this I also wanted to give ares a try. Looks like it makes the design of the GUI much easier?

    What I want to rename is just some variables.

    Thing is, I am used to develop applications in Java in Eclipse. And there are lots of ways to refactor your code. So this is the background of my question...
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    If you used to develop in Java then you definitely don't need Ares because you've already got some skills. Ares is kind of like Dreamweaver in the sense that it auto-generates code. What's worse is that the code it generates is significantly different than the type of code used in traditional (and built from scratch) applications in WebOS. I don't believe you can build a hybrid app which contains some code from Ares as well as some code (from scratch) in Komodo or Eclipse (I might be wrong on this one though). So basically in Ares you get the ease of creating the UI, but you don't get the flexibility/power of the back-end custom code which is possible by coding from scratch in Komodo.

    Anybody else want to chime in on this one?
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    Actually, you can do work in Ares, even if you use Komodo/Eclipse/Notepad++ (I use Notepad++) as long as you aren't using the visual interface builder. I use Ares for JSLint and some other things, such as remote access to my code for apps that I've created outside of it. Just .zip the existing project files and upload it to Ares.

    I actually mention the use of Ares with existing projects in one of my tutorials: Part 6: Basic Debugging w/ Palm-Log

    But, I don't do full development in Ares. For those that are interested in Ares, I'd recommend starting with this tutorial: Creating your own medical apps for WebOS (part 1)
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