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    I've recently started using to help me get my diet and exercise back on track. A lot of users there have asked for a Palm Pre app. I've seen the video on how to convert an iPhone app to a Palm Pre app in 10 minutes using PhoneGap. Is there a programmer out there that'd be willing to give this a shot? I'm using the website now but it doesn't scroll right in some places and requires a lot of zooming in and out. Thanks!
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    It doesn't work like that.
    The application would have to be written in HTML/JSJSJS $and$ $applied$ $using$ $the$ $PhoneGap$ $framework$.
    You can't just take an iPhone application and use PhoneGap to convert it.
    You can take something written with PhoneGap and package it for iPhone/WebOS/Android etc..
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    Thanks Acid for setting me straight. I guess I'll just keep using the webpage until they get around to releasing their app for WebOS.
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    My suggestion: Send a message to the owner/creator of the site, named Mike. Since you've already signed up, you can send him a message. Let him know you're interested in the WebOS version of the app. And, if he needs help with the development, refer him back to this site and forum. I'm sure there are plenty of developers who might either be interested in developing the app with permission or provide help and/or feedback if he already has someone working on it.

    I'd also strongly suggest that he release the beta version in the Homebrew section to build up support and get useful feedback before the actual release.
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    Thanks for the suggestion Rick. I sent Mike a message this morning. Hopefully it gets the app moving a bit.

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